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    Black Friday prices on LTC!

    Anyone else buying a little extra LTC while the price is nice? Currently $33.26 (USD) each!
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    Do you now is a good time for a Litecoin investment?

    I bought 2 more yesterday :)
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    Eternal Trusts Bounty Campaign

    How about some more info about it first?
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    Abra is gradually rolling out LTC deposits and withdrawals!

    No ETA for the rest of us, but expect to see lots of screenshots and reports from people who suddenly have LTC deposits and withdrawals enabled in their Abra app!
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    Good times

    We gotta remember.. keep putting what you can into the community. You'll get out twofold.
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    Build your own Litecoin node

    Hey - it's always good to check out the security of everything before deploying something. I have wallet creation commented out on purpose on our script to keep things a little more secure for those that want incoming connections.
  7. PromoteLitecoin was acquired by on May 4th (today)

    More info? We're not sure what is yet.. but we're watching. They tweeted today (below) with the hashtags: #ggwp #litecoin #esports E-Sports hint? The domain (according to never held any content and was always just forwarded to a 'saledomain'...
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    Loaf wallet white screen is fixed

    Saw a post on reddit r/litecoin that they figured out it was a lame DNS server causing the white loading screen that seemed to take a while to load. It's back to loading quickly for me.
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    Build your own Litecoin node

    Did you get your RPi?
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    If you're wondering why ZRX had a good day yesterday and is headed down a little now..

    I bought some. Made a little last night.. still up, but that's why it's headed a little south :)
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    I love Litecoin...

    Yeah it is.. we're getting there!
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    Charts headed north!

    Charts headed north!
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    Where do you generally buy your LTC?

    If you log into gdax w/ your coinbase credentials, you can move it into there free.. then withdrawal to your ledger free from gdax (y)
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    Litecoin (LTC): It’s Been A Crazy 2018 (So Far)

    "Litecoin (LTC) is back on track on the market capitalization rankings with a powerful performance buoyed by the general upsurge in the entire crypto market. LTC ranks 5th again after it were briefly overtaken by EOS. Getting back on track isn’t just an occurrence; it’s everything to the...
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    Our first Litecoin Contest!

    Congrats @Jon Phase
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    What are some of the places you've paid with litecoin?

    I got a car wash pass from a local car wash earlier in the week - paid straight with LTC! Other than that, just using the shift card. Have you found any local establishments that take litecoin? post your experiences!
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    Which pool do you use with your L3+?

    When i was looking last month they were $1396 on bitmain.. heh
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    Beginning Mining

    Oh geez.. they did lower the price eh? $485 compared to $1396 about a month ago!