Do you daytrade at all

Do you daytrade LTC?

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I have a little only because I'm trying to understand TA. So I trade small amounts based on what I think I'm seeing in the TA. I feel like it helps me learn TA better to risk a little with my ideas. So far I'm pretty even on my trading. A few positive and a few negative. Mostly I am an investor in what LTC can do.


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I day trade small percentages when i have time and patience . Right now most of the major coins are pretty stagnant though and its pretty tough to predict the next break away.
Daytrading is getting in an position and out of it within one day. In most cases people get in and out of positions in a short time period.

Margin trading is trading with leverage. For example if you would have $100,00 but you can trade with $5000,00. In this case you are trading with borrowed money from the exchange. If your position is in a loss, the exchange can make the decision to close your position at that time to prevent further losses which will end up for you in losing money and a loss of your position.
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