Pandemic Adoption of Litecoin (Tips)

Hello to all you wonderful people!
I just wanted to add a few random tips for all the activist.
Let's promote adoption of Litecoin together!
1) Target mall establishments (for contact with multiple vendors within a smaller space)
2) Make random phone calls to businesses and ask a simple question.
3) You have nothing to lose, more to gain by speaking up for Litecoin
4) Target huge corporations
5) Focus on the close to no transaction fee rates, owners of businesses love hearing that aspect more than anything else (my observations)
6) Have fun and stay positive!
I don't remember who brought this topic up and I apologize for it. I've been bombarding promoted ads with 'When can we pay with LTC?' I haven't received any responses but I'm sure one of us will. Eventually
I was thinking about that too. My thoughts on that where.
- If you go shopping (not online > old school at a store), asked for paying in Crypto/LTC (thats easier to find the correct phone number). And do it often, even in the same store ... “still no LTC accepted” ...
This brought me to another question. What if the shop owner asked “How can I do this” are you prepped for this question?!
I search for plug&play solutions but I didn’t find really anything helpfull. And also, are the solutions for multiple languages/countries...
Any help on this is appreciated.
Best regards